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Travels with Triumph - The TR6 Journal

It has been a rare privilege to own and enjoy the car of my dreams, so to speak, for over twenty years. I have observed the TR6 change its classification from a clean used convertible to a classic sports car to a vintage automobile. I first saw a Triumph TR6 as a youngster of about 9 with my father in his 1969 VW Beetle. I don't remember saying anything, but I do remember straining my neck to watch it drive out of sight. I was smitten at once and never really got over it.

I purchased the 1976 TR during my second year of college and three years before I met my wife. I am the third owner and have owned the car since 1981. The TR6 and a Yamaha 650 Maxim (motorcycle) served as my daily drivers during my undergraduate days. I have always managed to keep the car garaged and/or covered over the years. Currently the "Six" resides in its own Wells Cargo enclosed auto-hauler.

The car was manufactured in March of 1976 and shipped over to the United States sometime that same year. The first owner purchased the car new at Continental Cars in Atlanta, Georgia. The second owner purchased the car for his wife to go to back and forth to college. If memory serves, the second owner brought the car to northeast Texas. The second owner, at the time, lived in Lewisville, Texas, and sold the car when his wife left him for another man. The car had about 46,000 miles on the clock when I purchased it.

Keeping the TR road worthy on a college student's income was a challenge at times. There were three separate occasions that I had flats because I was running the tires well beyond the wear indicators due to lack of expendable income. Fortunately I was able to do most of the maintenance myself making it less expensive to operate than some "more modern" vehicles would have been. Major surgery required the help of a close friend whose father was an engineer. Often we found our selves working on the "Six" or his MGB and later his Porsche 924 at the shop on his parent's north Texas farm. Lucas electricals, poor gasoline quality, and the aerodynamics of the chopped rear have caused the only real or perceived problems I have had with it other than normal wear-and-tear.

Many memories are stirred by the sight of that old rag-top. The TR6 and I had many adventures during those first years. These memories included motoring down Montague county farm roads with the aforementioned friend who owned the MGB and the Porsche. Kathleen, My sister, and I kept the streets of Sulphur Springs and Alvord warm. I continued to drive it to class while obtaining my undergraduate degree. Time was spent on lazy Sunday afternoons between church services exploring northeast Texas back-roads. Ozark mountain roads were traveled with my father (before I got married) and later my wife (after I got married). Camping TR style was great. The TR and I out ran and out maneuvered an angry truck-driver on Interstate 635 in Dallas, Texas (I had visions of Dennis Weaver in "Dual" during this; I had honked and shaken my fist at him when he cut me off). It accompanied me when dating Joleen Deibert and we took it on our honeymoon. Unbelievably the TR6 out ran (a likely sick running) GTO from a traffic light start in Tyler, Texas with my wife as my only witness. There were also unplanned adventures like the time we almost got caught in a flash flood in Southeast Texas as we were returning home from visiting my wife's parents home in Groves, Texas. Memories of cruising down the water front drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia with my best babe (wife who just happened to be 9 months pregnant with our first child and looking extraordinarily beautiful with the top down and misty ocean air blowing through her curls). Then, there were the simple joys of driving down a farm road during Texas summer nights with the top down, a silly smile on my face, and the overall feeling that life is good.

The car was put into storage several years ago when I started my doctoral studies and Joleen and I started a family. Now that I am finished with school and the kids are grown, the TR6, wife (yes, still the same beautiful, wonderful soul mate), and I are ready to play again. I hope to enter the "Six" in some local vintage car shows in the future and participate in local "cruise nights". Our two children are hitting that age where a "2 passenger only" night sounds rather inviting.

TR6 Journal Entries

November, 2001 -- We have decided to bring the TR6 out of storage. This presents a challenge as the TR and it's storage trailer are on my in-law's home place some 50 mile from where we live. We live in a restored Victorian cottage (1920) in the historic district of Commerce, Texas. The lots in this section of town are small and there is no room for a 20' auto hauler with out it looking out of place and unsightly. Therefore, the "start the car" procedure will take place over several weekends as travel time is an issue. The TR was running beautifully when it was put up so I anticipate few unexpected issues to arise. Additionally, I will be searching for a location to put the trailer near our house over the next few weeks as well.

November 15, 2001 -- The website was launched.

December, 2001 -- Critical systems (brakes, clutch, fuel delivery, etc.) inspected. Carbs removed, inspected, cleaned and reinstalled,. Clutch master cylinder removed.

January, 2002 -- Removed clutch slave cylinder. Inspected suspension system.

February, 2002 -- Confirmed that the clutch master and slave cylinders were suitable for an overhaul. Ordered parts for a rebuild of the hydraulic systems.

March, 2002 -- All the parts finally arrived except for the tie-rod ends. The clutch hydraulic system was overhauled.

April, 2002 -- Waiting for the tie-rod ends. Purchased apartments to expand our real estate holdings.

May, 2002 -- Waiting for the tie-rod ends. Ordered a custom-built electric bass after 25 years of playing the electric bass.

June, 2002 -- Waiting for the tie-rod ends. Invited to play for a Dixieland Jazz band. (Music Profile)

July, 2002 -- Waiting for the tie-rod ends.

August, 2002 -- Waiting for the tie-rod ends.

September, 2002 -- Tie-rod ends arrive. Now to find the time to install them.

October, 2002 -- Tie-rod ends still on desk at home office.

November, 2002 -- Tie-rod ends at Quitman, Texas.

December, 2002 -- Started the Escort Wagon Project. As a "family car" the Escort Wagon takes a bit of a priority. I will return to the Triumph in the future when family autos and business concerns subside.

November, 2003 -- Began making plans to move the TR6 from Quitman, Texas to a location near Commerce, Texas (that sounds a bit familiar).

January, 2004 --

January, 2005 --

September, 2005 -- Fuel pricing spike again so as I commute to work I renew my association with motorcycles.

January, 2006 -- Invited to join a Christian rock/blues band. (Music Profile)

September, 2006 -- It looks like we are moving to a new house with plenty of land to put the trailer on and be able to get the car near by. More later.

January, 2007 --

January, 2008 --

January, 2009 --

May, 2009 -- Purchased the Honda Civic Hybrid to place the totaled Escort Wagon.

January, 2010 --

November, 2010 -- Recruited to play in an oldies rock band. (Music Profile)

January, 2011 --

December, 2011 -- Joleen (my wife) completes her masters degree.

January, 2012 -- Graduate school debt should be paid off in a year or two (2014) so hopefully there will be extra monies for a resurrection.

January, 2013 --

January, 2014 --

January, 2015 --

June, 2015 -- We bring the triumph to its new home. We spent 4 hours shoving the TR6 around because of a locked rear brake.

July, 2015 --

January, 2016 --



The pictures below were taken just before the TR6 was put in to long term storage.


The pictures below were taken are of the move to Trenton and restarting project.

The TR6 is loaded on a trailer in Quitman, Texas and is transported to its new home.


Fueling up the borrowed Dodge Cummins in Greenville, Texas.


Arriving at its new home.


The TR6 safe and sound.


The TR6 up on blocks.



Commission #


Differential #



March 1976

Body Style

2 Seat convertible

Body #


Paint Code

136 - Delft Blue

Frame #


Trim Code

11 - Black

Engine #



2.5 liter / Weber carburetors

Transmission #



4 speed manual


Description and Condition




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