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2008 Ninja 250R


 After a long absence from motorcycling it didn't take long for me to fall for traveling on two wheels again.  Motorcycling became an end rather than a medium to get somewhere.  The pursuit of discovering just how much you could do with the Ninjette took on a life of it's own as this website will attest.  It is my hope that this site will inspire you to explore this amazing planet the Lord has blessed us with and then share what you discover with others.


Why I Ride What I Ride

2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Introductory Remarks

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Introductory Remarks

Comparing the Two Ninja 250s


Maintenance Logs and Tips

Ninjette Maintenance Log Introductory Remarks


Ninja 250R Online Ride Journals

The Ninjette Journal for 2005

The Ninjette Journal for 2006

The Ninjette Journal for 2007

The Ninjette Journal for 2008

The Ninjette Journal for 2009

The Ninjette Journal for 2010

The Ninjette Journal for 2011

The Ninjette Journal for 2012

The Ninjette Journal for 2013

The Ninjette Journal for 2014

The Ninjette Journal for 2015


Featured Trips

Ninjette Christmas Break Iron Butt Association SaddleSore 1000

Easter Break 2006 Ozark Trip

Ninjette Summer Iron Butt Association 50CC Quest (West Coast to East Coast in less than 50 Hours on a Ninja 250)

Summer 2007 Four Corners/Southern Colorado Trip

Fairfield Bay, Arkansas October 2011 Trip


Technical Information:  Fuel Consumption, Statistics, and Modification List

2005 Ninjette Technical Information and Statistics

2008 Ninjette II Technical Information and Statistics


Riding Gear and Luggage Information

Ninjette Gear and Luggage


Recommended Ninja 250, Motorcycling, Part, and Gear Sites

Ninjette Links


Project and "How to" details

2008 Ninja 250R Rear Seat Cowling Removal and Refitting

Adjusting Valve Clearance on an EX250J8F

Area P Full Stainless Steel System with Quiet Carbon Fiber Muffler

Bags-Connection Tankbag Installation

Crank Brothers Multi-5 Tool Installation

Final Drive Ratio Remarks

Front Fender Gravel Guard Fabrication and Installation

Front Mounted Auxiliary 12 Volt DC Power Outlet Installation

Installing a RAM Mount on a Ninja 250R

LED Turn and Brake Light Conversion

Signal Dynamics Modules Installation

Tail Trunk Saddle Project

Faux Black Ostrich "Bikini" Tank Bra and Upholstery Set


Other Yeager Group Sites

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